The Oxford Millennium Orchestra was founded in 1999 by Benjamin Wolf and built up under the direction of Nick Mumby and Charlie Wilson to a full-sized symphony orchestra tackling symphonic repertoire, with a focus on the great romantic and late classical works, along with a number of newly commissioned compositions. At the start of 2010 David O’Neill took over as Musical Director.

The orchestra is comprised of students and staff of the University of Oxford, and willing members of the Oxford community. It performs at least 3 concerts throughout the year in Oxford, usually in the Sheldonian Theatre, as well as being involved in a number of other events, such as Oxford Balls. Perhaps most importantly, it takes a tour to Europe every summer.

OMO has toured in Europe since 2002, most recently travelling to Barcelona where we performed 3 very popular concerts. Highlights from previous years’ tours include two Slovenian television appearances, a concert in a wine lodge in Porto and a performance of Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony in Ljubljana Castle during a spectacular lightning storm. Partly as a result of its tours, OMO has always prided itself on fostering a strongly sociable atmosphere within its ranks.